System advantages

  • Each sample has its sample page with method-dependent information. The samples can be searched and filtered using a simple or advanced syntax, and sorted by keywords. Each samples has a status showing the stage of its processing.
  • User management allows for three levels of users: Admin, Responsible, and sample Owner.
  • Communication thread between the experimentalist and the sample owner allows for clarifications, explanations and adding attachments with measurement results. Any communication can be copied to e-mail
  • Regular email notification about changes concerning the user’s samples
  • Publication thread allows for collaborative editing of manuscripts about one or more samples
  • Reporting tools
  • Tracking of any users activity
  • Possibility to book facilities

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Development of Labtidy has started in 2015 due to growing number of crystallographic samples, which could not be managed by handmade notes or Excel sheets. We needed a hierarchical system with clearly defined competencies of users, experimentalists and administrators, allowing simple sharing and discussing experimental and calculation results, and preparing publication manuscripts. During the years, the system was tuned towards fast processing of large number of samples, scalability to include more experimental  methods maintained by different experimentalists, and a robust support for preparing and sharing publications.

Current state

LabTidy currently registeres 112 users and 10 experimentalists from 12 universities or institutes located in 6 different countries. It contains data of 2100 samples and 2000 messages exchanged between the users and experimentalists. The statistics of usage records 1135 downloads and 620 uploads during the year 2017.

LabTidy not only manages the samples from a measurement request until the job is finished, but also contains rich reporting features, system of users alerts, powerful search tools and possibility to create and manage publication threads for one or more samples of different samples owners.

Future development

The two main topics for future development are scalability and automating.

Scalability will make LabTidy an ideal system not only for crystallographic samples, but also for spectroscopy, chemistry and various analyses. This development will be based on requests and wishes of users from various fields.

Automating will reduce the need of manual input and help to connect LabTidy with external systems. For our specific case, we are developing an automatic exchange of information between instruments for crystallographic measurements in one side, and the Institute central system in the other side. This feature can be also extended based on user’s requests.