New version of LabTidy system has been released, this time numbered 2.4. Main points of this update are:

User Roles

There had been only 3 user roles until now – Admin, Responsible and Owner. This was not satisfactory for certain purposes, so custom roles have been added. The original roles are still available but cannot be changed. Instead, any number of additional custom roles can be created. These roles then serve for your own purposes and actions.

Creation of a new role


Group addition, deleting and downloading attachments of a sample or publication

Some samples or publications require a huge amount of attachments; thus, group operations have been added. If multiple attachments are to be downloaded, they are added to .zip archive and downloaded as one file.

Group operations on attachments


Lots of changes are still being worked on. These are prepared to be released in version 3.0 which will be built on Vue.js and will be an important milestone for the LabTidy system. The focus is on ease of use and further time savings. Many changes are brought up by feedback from laboratories.

In case you are interested in the LabTidy system, please contact us via

Thank you