A lot of time has been put into developing the current version of LabTidy. Simplicity and straightforwardness were the main priority. One of the key changes of this update is a simplified search in the table of samples thanks to redesigned advanced search.

A redesigned search of samples


It is now also possible to select visible columns of the main table. This selection can be found on the left side of the screen. This list has been revamped and made more accessible.

Loading time of all samples with associated details have been noticeably reduced. Amount of 3000 samples at any given moment will be loaded 60% faster in a matter of hundreds of milliseconds thanks to reducing the data size by as much as 75%.

Within the scope of making LabTidy available to more laboratories, the modularity of the application has been a critical aspect. Each laboratory now can obtain specific features that suit their needs. The type of sample has been extended by a powder and its phases that can be automatically filled in from attached CIF file. For this purposes, the opensource library from the developers of the Crystallography Open Database has been used.

Automatic fill of the form out of a CIF file


Next update in the upcoming quarter of this year will be primarily focused on changes that will make the interaction with our application more effective. One of the main features, maximal automatization of the process of measuring, should be released soon. Devices will then be able to send measured values directly to the LabTidy application.

Rendering of a page will be done using Javascript. That also speeds up the overall experience when interacting with the application. Module for the administration of licenses in a laboratory is being worked on.

Thank you for the support, the team of LabTidy.