Due to the big interest in our software LabTidy by several laboratories, we came up with a new version which improves its functionality and provides easier use. One of the main points of the new version is a refined system of sending email changes, which we tried to create in a way that allows you to see changes that have had happened in your absence directly in the email itself without the need to log into the system.

The next major update is the ability to create new user roles. Until now there have been three user roles available – Admin, Responsible and Owner, but now laboratories can create new user roles depending on their own needs.

We have also improved the “News” tab, now renamed to “Dashboard”. Individual users now can adjust the tables to their liking – change their position or remove them completely. There is also more types of data selection available to choose from and the option to hide selected columns.

Edit dashboard modal window


The page where you can configure statuses and keywords has also been improved. Now are items shown in a synoptic table, where they can be added or removed in bulk – all in one click. We have also added the frequency of use of each of these items.

Manage keywords


Advanced search in the table of samples has been redesigned and is more intuitive. New is the direct link in the list of samples. If the status is “manuscript” it shows all publications that include given sample.

Advanced search in samples list


One of the main benefits of this system is an email notification of changes. Thanks to the MailGun service we are now able to deliver 100 % of all emails.

MailGun delivery check


The success rate of measurements is an important part of the laboratory’s credibility. Sometimes it happens that user supplies a damaged sample and laboratory is not able to measure it despite the time it has given to it. For this reason, there is a rating system of users which is automatically generated based on positive and negative feedback on samples. This can lead to prioritized measurements based on the user’s rating.

Users rating


Editing a number of samples can be done in bulk. The visual side of this operation has been simplified.

Samples group operations


If you are interested in our LabTidy system, don’t hesitate to send us an email to kamil.poruba@labtidy.com.